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Where Am I?

I can be found at my studio in Victoria Works, Chalford. 


For further details see Contact.


What do I do?

I am a painter.  My work combines, as does most painting, visual and conceptual ideas. Sometimes the visual has the upper hand and at other moments the conceptual is my starting point. 

latest news
2/2021 Studio Sale Auction - a new venture with the lovely people at The Auction Collective... more details soon...
Forthcoming (who knows quite when)...
Landlinks, part of Groundworks, a Walking the Land Exhibition at 3 Storeys, Nailsworth
Exhibition with fellow members of Walking the Land, reflecting our year long residency at Rough Bank Reserve, with Butterfly Conservation UK, as part of the Back From the Brink Project
Group Show, Studio 18, Stroud
11/2020 Part of The Auction Collective's 50x50 and Autumn Auctions
9/2020 Selected for BEEP Painting Prize as part of BEEP Biennial, Swansea.
7/2020 Designed and made, with Ruth Hickson, Bus Shelter as part of Studio 18, Stroud's project, Artshelter
6/2020 contribution to Lenka Clayton's piece "Mother's Day", part of Upkeep, Arts Club of Chicage
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