All the things I've been up to that really aren't news any more

I found that the list of exhibitions I've been in was getting too long for the front page (got to be a good thing, right?), so here are a few of them, recorded for posterity and ego:

Part of the Bath Open Art Prize (that was fun, met some lovely and interesting people, even some who'd been to Chalford).


Selected for Drawn at the RWA (some great work in there, helping out with handing in was interesting - good to see the general quality of rejected work!)


Part of Cupola Gallery, Sheffield's, Perception Exhibition starting 17th March (which owing to illness - children's' - I didn't get to see, but met both Graham and Karen before and after, and they were the nicest gallerists I've come across in a good long time).


Part of Centrespace, Bristol's, Pay & Display 2017 Exhibition 4th-15th February (interesting exhibition, I was so tired at the opening, though, that I literally couldn't summon a word to say to anyone in an hour and a half! Went home feeling idiotic).


A painting in the NOA room at Artrooms London 21st-23rd January (was good to be a part of this, and interesting to see what worked and what didn't in the relatively small spaces available - felt the installations worked better).


Work at the Walking the Land Exhibition, Between the Light and the Dark, and the Old Passage in Arlingham until May (and sold one... must pay that cheque in!)


Finalist in the National Open Art Competition, Mercers' Hall, London, 27th October-4th November (now waiting to see whether I've made the final this year - not quite so optimistic, for whatever reason just haven't been quite so productive in 2017 - ah, the buggered hand, that'll be it).


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